Friday, November 30, 2012

"30 Days of Gratitude" ~ Day 30 ~ Self Gratitude

“Please share a bit of awesomeness about yourself that you appreciate.”

Whew.  That seems wrong, doesn’t it? None the less, I’m going to participate fully.  Because there are a few things, about me, for which I am grateful.  And it’s more about being excited about the gifts that I’ve been given, not about pride that I’ve made these qualities all by myself.  I’m grateful that I can step outside of my regular box and ‘trust the process’... (such as this one where I end up making what might seem like a prideful post), I’m grateful that gratitude is an easy mind-set for me to access, I’m grateful that I’m open to developing other mind-sets, I’m grateful for curiosity, compassion, an obnoxious laugh.  I’m grateful for being broken, and I’m grateful for being fix-able.
I always wished I could have a nickname like Captain Awesome from Chuck.  Any suggestions on the feminine equivalent? J

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