Thursday, November 29, 2012

"30 Days of Gratitude" ~ Day 29 ~ Doing Gratitude

My goodness. This 30 Days has been an exercise in self-exposure. :)  Today's challenge is:  "Please consider sharing an act of kindness, giving, service or gratitude that you have or plan to perform as a way of staying connected to your appreciation."  There have been so many positive efects to participating in this project. I am better to others, to myself, to the world.  I am going to cross my fingers and hope that this one also 'does good.'

I'm grateful for a lot of people in my life.  It is rare that I say it out loud to them.  I've been grateful for many people, out loud, over these past 30 days.  For the most part, they don't know.  My intention, after Day 30, is to send my file of gratitudes to those who have made such a difference, and to ensure that they know that their smiling soul is somewhere in these 30 days.  And that they have made a difference to at least one person.
And also - more on the silly front - I've already had a request for Day 31's Gratitude.  If I receive 'gratitude requests', I will add bonus days.  Just because I like silly. :)

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