Saturday, November 10, 2012

"30 Days of Gratitude" ~ Day 12 ~ Day Brightener

"Hopefully there are people in your daily life that make it better. But besides them, who is someone, while you don't connect often, always brightens your day when you do?"

There are people for whom I am deeply thankful.  Some of them are day brightners.  Some are life brighteners.  And many of them have already been mentioned in days 1-10. (Of course, I don't want to refer to any of them as weird.;-)  Or at least, I want them to *think* I don't think of them as weird.)
Here's a surprising thing - a mix of this project and Facebook.  The comments on these posts have been super uplifting!  It is a weird project to take part in... from my perspective, it feels like I'm opening myself up to something best left un-opened.  (Yet when I read over the previous posts, it all seems mostly innocuous.  Most likely that is the way that it is from the outside.)  I'm not posting *for* the comments.  None the less, the people behind the comments have become their own thing to be grateful for. Facebook keeps us connected to *way* more people than we could otherwise.  I've known I like you all - but I didn't realize how *kind* you are.  Thank you for showing who you are.  It is lovely to see, and it helps others to look forward to just assume that most people have similar kindnesses. :)

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