Friday, November 02, 2012

"30 Days of Gratitude" ~ Day 4 ~ Acts of Kindness

This one is so easy, it is difficult! 
Would it be the comments a friend posts when they think you need a boost?  Would it be the pumpkin pie a friend brings because you're going to spend Thanksgiving away from family?  Would it be the stranger who gives you an extra big smile and welcomes you to a table of new people?  Would it be the person who lets you know they know *who* you are and like you anyways?  Would it be the friend who comes to see you do something difficult to support you?  Would it be when they help you move towards your goals by promoting you to others?  Would it be the friend who got you involved in writing cards with positive affirmations to others?  Would it be the friend who shows up with a bag of groceries when money is a bit more scarce than you might like? 
Or would it be the time that you reached into your pocket to give your change to the gentleman in front of you at the til?  Or the time that you paid for the coffees for the car ahead of you?  Or the time you took to walk someone less 'sure of foot' accross the street?
I love acts of kindness.  The acts of kindness I give, help me to feel joy, purpose and meaning. The acts of kindness I receive help me to feel that the world is looking out for me - that God is making sure I don't go without when life has less to offer than what he wants me to have.

"I like smiling; smiling is my favorite."  ~ Buddy the Elf.

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