Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"30 Days of Gratitude" ~ Day 28 ~ Gratitude and Loss

"Expressing gratitude for a loved one lost is one way to keep that person's spirit alive."

Oh the memories. :)

My grandparents, Charlie and Louise, my father (tie) and uncle.
Of that apartment building on MacDiarmid Drive in Brandon.  Where my brothers and I would play (read: fight) and we were *so* afraid that the police would come and arrest us.  (They were close enough to hear them from next door.)  And playing pick-up-sticks when my bros and I would go to visit my auntie in that same apartment. How fun it was to blow up that air-mattress together.  And meeting up with the same auntie at different stores while shopping with my mom.

Also of being at the shop with my grandpa.  Hearing that I was his favorite grand-daughter. (Read:  only grand-daughter.) And of that silly dog, Toolie, who we'd torment by kissing grandpa.  And playing with those fun battery operated toys at Christmas.

Also of taking walks with my grandma down to the railroad tracks.  Picking up shale so that we could glue them to pieces of board for our 'amazing' works of art.  And making those cardboard Santas that would jump and dance with the pull of the string.
What lovely relatives we have had. I am grateful.

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