Friday, November 16, 2012

"30 Days of Gratitude" ~ Day 15 ~ Sense of Humour

So, my step grandma has been in my life since 'forever' to me.  (Becoming my step grandma in my late teens.)  Her first husband passed away early enough that I have memories of them being together, but no memories of what he looked like.  During one of our visits, I asked her what he was like.  She said:  "Oh, he was a lot like your father.  Always ready with a laugh."

I couldn't have picked that out, because it was what I'd always known. So, at that point, I started watching for it.  It was true!  Even before the punchline, you can see that he knows it is coming and that he has a laugh ready to go right behind his eyes.

Then I started watching for this in my own community of peeps.  It is less common than one might think - and it is really nice to be around.
I guess that makes me grateful to have been around such a great sense of humour since day one. :)

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