Wednesday, November 07, 2012

"30 Days of Gratitude" ~ Day 10 ~ A Tough Challenge

Easy.  Quitting smoking was a tough challenge.  One that I didn't enjoy.  At all.  Sure, I'm thankful for smelling nicer, being healthier, and now being granted access to the actual 'cool kids.'  But that really is a thankfulness in passing. Kinda like being thankful for a chocolate bar - the thankfulness is gone all too quickly.

What I *am* grateful about, from out of that challenge, was all of the strength I needed to develop to continue as someone who wasn't smoking.  But really... by that time, it wouldn't have mattered if I began again or not, the quit uncovered so many growth areas for me.  I'm able to field uncomfortable situations now.  I'm able to draw upon the confidence that I can stick to a plan for long enough for it to get easy.  I'm able to be okay with not being okay. So many things to be grateful for, that has absolutely nothing to do with the challenge-proper.
And before I miss mentioning it... I'm really grateful for the new friendships made through that process. Nice to know ya, friends. :)

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