Tuesday, November 06, 2012

"30 Days of Gratitude" ~ Day 8 ~ Raising the World

"People who inspire us to think beyond the expected, to think bigger. They lead by example and they deserve our thanks."

A little trickier, maybe.  Until you put your thinking cap on.  Like the teachers taught us. :)  I think that there is a common theme to the people who have inspired me to think bigger.  They've all been teachers in one respect or another.  Mostly *actual* teachers who make thier living from teaching. Schools. Music. Dancing. Some have been employers, or leaders in groups I've been involved in.  But all have had a desire to teach others a 'better way.' 

I could easily come up with two handsful of teachers in my life, right now, for whom I am thankful. 
Curious, dontcha think, that the woman who I saw doing this is also a teacher? :) I'm pretty thankful for knowing about this project and having had someone to set the example.

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