Saturday, December 01, 2012

A Grateful December – Day 1 – Wild Card

Post potluck preparation, and elbow deep in ground beef, I considered how I was going to complete the Day Challenge of my December.  (Using  I’d already decided that if the day didn’t fit, I was just going to post something else.  My thoughts moved away from the original Day 1 plan – to honour the month past.  They moved into the honest grateful mode that has been groomed by my previous 30 day challenge.

Today I am grateful for the wild card of chance that brings people together.  Today, you see, along with two handsfull of others, I was invited to a big birthday party.  It is through chance that we twenty or so know one another.  In reflection of the first round of classes, I have encouraged others to this session – secretly holding back the fact I would like everyone to sit in this woman’s class.  Sure, we’ve all learned to play ukulele.  The secret, though, that I hold back is the way that you will feel after being in this woman’s class.  I am grateful for whatever it is that she has... and whatever it is that she shares, that builds the souls of those around her. 

I am also grateful for the new friendships that we are investigating, getting to know one another bit by bit.  No one in a hurry, probably no one with a whole lot of extra time.  Slowly but surely we are becoming a really neat group.
If I were building a timeline of life experiences for others, this would be the type of wild card I would deal – and I would watch the joy in their hearts grow as they let go to enjoy all that life can bring.

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