Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Grateful December – Day 5 – A Tough Job

"Realizing that any job could be a tough job for you turns this theme on it's head. Maybe it's being a teacher or a doctor that you would find hard. Maybe it's working in a field or being a customer service rep for an airline.  Appreciating that it takes all kinds of talents to keep this world going and having gratitude for those who do the jobs we would find difficult brings us all a little closer."

I am constantly amazed at the many skills and passions people bring to the table.  As time goes, I have begun to believe that there is no job that is missing a passionate worker towards its fruition.  A number of years ago a co-worker and I had completely opposite tasks we looked forward to - and dreaded.  We decided to let each other know these tasks, and where we were the missing puzzle piece, we offered to take on the other's dread chores.  My goodness, the joy that came to work following that discovery!

Learning to speak to what we did and didn't love was half of the key to making our workplace better.  The other half of the key was learning to believe when someone said they loved something that didn't make sense to us was the other.

 Since working through that a decade ago, I've been able to identify similar co-workers in new work situations.  The really interesting thing is that it is a safe bet that once you've found 2 or 3 tasks to swap, there will be many more to follow.

 I'm thankful that we all have such varied interests.

 I'm thankful that I had such a great co-worker with whom to learn this.

 I'm thankful that my heart was open to learning.

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