Tuesday, October 08, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 8 - Faith & Spirituality

"Gratitude is a kind of spirituality. Beyond it, you may feel connected to a faith or religious practice that keeps you going, gives you meaning and comfort. Consider contemplating your appreciation for your faith here today."
For the most part - I don't volunteer information about my faith.  I try to live it out loud - I think it is mostly obvious to others.  Some people occasionally ask about it.  Occasionally people can see that I'm working through some things and if they want to help me work through it, I'll share the Christian principle that I can't quite figure out how to apply to my life, and then consider their ideas to see they might have solved the riddle of how I can "be better" in my walk.  But that doesn't talk much about where I'm grateful, does it?
Overall, my faith asks me to believe some pretty fantastic things.  And I do.  And on a purely Luanne-benefit level, it's to a really great end.  There is nothing but benefit to me to believe. 

When I feel alone, I can seek comfort and a wash of love from The Comforter. When I am lost, I can seek direction from The Shepherd. When I need advice, I can seek out The Counsellor.  Prayer gives me an opportunity to give thanks, and to hope for a better future.  It is a great opportunity to talk through my day.

I am thankful that I know no other way than to believe.   Thanks God - for bringing me along for the ride.

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