Thursday, October 03, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 3 - Civic Pride

"We invite all participants - including those from countries outside the US - to consider taking this opportunity to offer a moment of gratitude for an aspect of your nation's civic system that you appreciate."

If you know your Luannes, you'll know that they don't comment much on civic systems.  But that said, there are some pretty amazing things going on in this city that a Luanne can be grateful for. 

I am grateful for a group in Winnipeg who reach out to exploited youth.  Ndinawe, I am thankful that you exist - that I can be comforted in knowing you are doing work that carries such a big weight.  (Here is today's article in the National Post.)

I am grateful for a community of people who come together in times of natural disaster (i.e. floods) and give of themselves to one another.  I am grateful that the Winnipegger's natural instinct is to help each other through a snowy winter or rainy spring. 

I am grateful for organizations like Winnipeg Harvest and Siloam Mission who give to those who have no one / nowhere else to go. 

I am grateful that we are big enough as a community to each have our own space to grow, and small enough that we can still find community in which to belong and in which to feel loved.

Some of what I am grateful about my city are the organizations who give.  Some of what I am grateful about are the individuals who live here, and who give.

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