Thursday, October 10, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 10 - Teachers

"Teachers come in many different ways. Some are formal teachers with books and desks and degrees. Some are elders, mentors or friends. Some are reluctant, clumsy or even improbable, yet no less impactful. Who has taught you something important? "

I've written about teachers a few times in the past. And I want to take a bit different angle on it than usual.  Please don't get me wrong - I am so grateful for those that act on their passion to formally bring knowledge to others.  I am grateful for how they have stretched my mind and helped me to learn how to learn. 

Today I've been thinking about the accidental teachers.  The people who teach by example;  how to be kind, how to accept others, how to be giving.  The people who find a kind way to let you know you have overstepped, maybe said words that you didn't think were quite so harsh.  The people who helped you (ok, me) to correct flaws - and who loved you all the way through it.  The people who encouraged you to be true to yourself - regardless of public opinion.  The people who showed you, by example, that even if you had something difficult to say - you could find away for it to be building for both parties.

These are people who I've been counting my blessings for today.  The teachers who taught me when I didn't realize I was learning.  Thank you.

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