Saturday, October 12, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 12 - Simple Pleasures

"Ah...the simple pleasures in life. They are usually brief, easy and uncomplicated. They often involve triggering one of the 5 senses to wash over you in a moment of awareness and joy. What allows you to stop and appreciate your day?"

So many simple pleasures. Here are some of the many things that I'll stop to appreciate for a fleeting moment:
- the cool brushed cotton sheets as I crawl into bed
- when my current favorite song comes on the radio (this very moment, it's Wildfire by John Mayer)
- hearing "drive safe"  (I learned late that "drive safe" is secret code for "I care about you") 
- onomatopoeic names like - Whispering Aspen
- freshly washed floors
- those few moments when the snow sparkles like sequins
- competing colours side by side (like fuchsia and turquoise)
- finding the "nice" folder of emails - reading through the kind things people say
- watching people hug and say hello after a long absence
- an unexpected touch meant to convey sympathy
- a freshly bathed Scooby
- children's drawings
- a cool shower at a hot camp-site
- a hot shower after a winter's walk
- a surprise coffee date with an almost-but-not-quite started friendship

I'm thankful for the ability to see these simple pleasures.  I'm thankful that the simple pleasures get louder when the days get rougher.  I don't know what combination of events led me to eyes that would see the simple pleasures, but I am surely grateful for them.

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