Friday, October 04, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 4 - Everyday Support

"Who are the people that keep your day moving? Here is your opportunity to acknowledge and be grateful for them. Wonder who they are? Just some of the types of people you might see: Receptionist, Nurse assistant, Waitress, Waiter, Hospitality staff, Sanitation worker, Delivery person, Flight attendant, Shop keeper, Cashier, Mail person, 411 operator, Gas Station attendant - etc."

This is actually very timely.  As I walked into a medical lab yesterday I couldn't help but think how grateful I was that the lab tec's were working in their selected career.  They sift through a whole lot of samples to support other people's health. Thank you for doing that specific job.  And let us all be thankful that there seems to be someone to enjoy doing lots of jobs that we wouldn't want to do.

And the sanitation workers in this city?  I don't understand the complaints - even if I forget to take the bins to the street, they still go the extra ways to collect my garbage.  I couldn't be more thankful! (Have you seen my memory lately?!?)

And my work circle - in and out of the office - they do so much to support others.  They set an amazing example to try to meet, to be sure.

And the dude at the Co-op that I haven't been at often since I moved into this area... it is so awesome to see him every few months - to get his smile and hello and to just generally share a cordial exchange. I'm so thankful that he remembers me each time.

And the cheerleaders - who help ensure that I start my day with encouraging words - my goodness, what an amazing treat to be thankful for.

I could "and" this up for pages.  And I think I will, in my mind, while I'm tidying.

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