Thursday, October 17, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude - Day 16 - Mode of Transport

"Maybe it is the wind in your face as you sail across the water or the silence of the air on a quiet country ride. Maybe it is the fact that it helps you visit a relative far away or notice the sensation of foot to path and pavement.   As we move through this world, what mode of transportation gets us there and do we notice and acknowledge this feat."

There are few less-interested-in-a-car people than a Luanne.  Which is probably a good portion of why I was driving such a run-down car.  One weekend this summer, I visited a friend who helped me start the process of replacing that car the previous summer.  As I was driving over, it seemed surreal to me that it had only been a year since I was driving that car.  I would try to only make right-hand turns, and would only drive in the right-hand-lane - because one of the rear-view mirrors was messed up.  And I had to wiggle the signal-light just right if I needed to put n the left-hand signal.  There were coffee stains everywhere, the trunk was extra storage, and there were bits of yellow paint from a road-trip five years earlier where we had to drive real fast to get underneath the parking barricade.

And so - now - when I actually stop to take notice of my car - I am so grateful that everything works.  So very grateful.

Thanks for existing car.  And thanks for helping me start the process, dude.

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