Monday, February 10, 2014

Preparing for Small Comforts

In a perfect world, we would all share our joy and our pain.  We would all be able to identify with one another, comfort one another through shared experiences.  This world is anything but perfect.  And so it takes practise to watch those around us and see how they manage to communicate.  It takes practise to take down a wall or two to try to communicate with others. 

And this is a result of my attempts to watch others communicate, and to reflect it back to others.

One of the beautiful and unexpected things for me about social media, is watching friends go through the grief process. My heart breaks to watch their hearts break at the beginning. And over the years, as the anniversaries pass, the memories they share touch souls... my soul. It truly seems inevitable, that as time goes on, the loved one becomes their “warm touch-stone” within. They hear their voice in a dream. They see their smile on a distant relative. They see them looking back over their shoulder in the distance.
 Like anyone, I dread loosing the people I love. It is comforting to see my friend’s comfort as they share their experiences. And I am confident that eventually a sense of peace will follow.

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